Why Hire an Immigration Lawyer ?

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The U.S immigration system is very complex and it can be a daunting task for individuals and companies to keep abreast of changes in laws and regulations, proper filing procedures and information required for processing immigration petitions.

Hiring a competent law firm to handle your case will not only simplify the process but may also be instrumental in achieving the desired result, efficiently and expeditiously. Our law firm's attorneys are dedicated professionals with years of training in immigration law; are invited speakers at numerous events; are members of the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA); and are consulted by community leaders on immigration issues.

Consulting with an Immigration Attorney

The purpose of a consultation is to provide you with sufficient information to make a reasonable decision concerning your case. Some clients simply need advice to determine their options. During the consultation our immigration lawyers will generally:

  1. Review and analyze your case.
  2. Evaluate and discuss immigration options.
  3. Provide insight on applicable laws and regulations.
  4. Explain and recommend alternatives (if any) that may benefit your case.
  5. Provide insight into potential problems (if any) in your case and recommend applicable solutions.

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Retaining Legal Representation

An immigration attorney representing your case may:

  1. Facilitate processing of your petition in a timely and accurate manner, assist you to avoid delays and rejections.
  2. Apply for applicable waivers.
  3. Obtain necessary advisory opinions.
  4. Represent you in court and appeals (if required).
  5. Follow up on the status of your case with appropriate government agencies.

Common Self –Petition (without legal representation) filing errors that may result in petition denial include:

  1. Not filing on time - As certain petitions are subject to numerical limitations.
  2. Filing in the wrong category or classification.
  3. Improper assessment of eligibility criteria and required qualifications.
  4. Poor collaboration of evidence.
  5. Lack of strong supporting letters.
  6. Filing with incorrect processing centers or using the wrong address.
  7. Typos and missing information in applications.
  8. Sending incorrect filing fees.
  9. Failing to adequately reply to government inquiries and notices.

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Finding the Right Lawyer

Finding a competent lawyer is an important decision and we recommend that you review the lawyer's credentials prior to engagement. Experience does count. We also urge you to review the lawyer's commitment to immigration law. For example, is he or she a member of the American Immigration Lawyers Association? Another important consideration is to determine whether your lawyer is accessible? A common complaint from most clients is that their attorneys are not responsive. Finally, does your lawyer have sufficient staff and resources to provide the agreed upon service? These are just some of the considerations that one should address prior to retaining an immigration attorney.

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