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EB-3 visa is the third of the five employment-based preference categories under which a foreign worker may obtain permanent residence (green card) in the U.S.

The EB-3 category is for foreign professionals (holding a baccalaureate degree or equivalent), for skilled workers who will perform work in the U.S. requiring at least two years of training or experience, and for unskilled workers/other workers who will work in positions requiring less than two years of training or experience.

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EB-3 Quick Facts

  • EB-3 visa requires sponsorship by a U.S. employer and requires labor certification.
  • Individuals applying as professionals must demonstrate that they have a bachelor’s degree in the U.S. or equivalent foreign degree.
  • Generally, any occupation requiring a minimum of a bachelor's degree qualifies as an EB-3 position. Examples of such occupations include but are not limited to architects, engineers, lawyers, physicians, programmer analysts, software engineers, surgeons, and teachers in elementary or secondary schools, colleges, academies, or seminaries.
  • Employment offers for skilled workers must be permanent offers and cannot be temporary or seasonal in nature.
  • The unskilled / other workers category applies to positions which require less than two years of training or experience.

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EB -3 Visa Process

  1. Our firm files a labor certification on behalf of the employer for the EB-3 candidate.
  2. Upon approval of the labor certification, the employer is eligible to file an I-140 immigration petition on behalf of the employee.
  3. Once the I-140 petition is approved, the employee may file for adjustment of status if he or she is in the United States and a priority date is available. If outside the U.S., he or she can attain an immigrant visa at the local U.S. Consulate when a priority date is available.

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