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  • Pasricha & Patel, LLC filed a good cause delay petition with USCIS and worked closely with a local congressional office to successfully obtain H-4 visa extensions (that had expired six months beyond the validity date) for the spouse and son of a H-1B visa holder who had overlooked the need to file for visa extension for his H-4 dependents. We requested and obtained a nunc pro tunc approval from USCIS whereby the approval notice issued to the H-4 applicants included a backdated approval notice to prevent the applicants from obtaining unlawful presence.
  • Pasricha & Patel, LLC successfully represented a corporate client that had been issued a notice of audit by the U.S. Department of Labor, Wage and Hour Division, to investigate potential back wages to its H-1B employees. Our Firm worked on behalf of the client to ensure that any and all outstanding issues raised in the audit letter were promptly addressed and resolved to the USDOL’s satisfaction. By relying on our office's extensive experience and history with the USDOL, we were able to limit the scope of the audit and more importantly, assisted our client in successfully completing the audit without the imposition of civil monetary penalties, fines, or back wages. Finally, we fully trained our client’s staff in proper H-1B recordkeeping and compliance.
  • Pasricha & Patel, LLC successfully helped a client’s employee who had been issued a 221(g) request for additional documentation and information by the U.S. Consulate in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada obtain the H-1B nonimmigrant temporary worker visa in a timely manner. Our office worked in conjunction with the client and served as conduit with the Nonimmigrant Visa Unit of the U.S. consulate to provide all the necessary documentation and clarification needed for the U.S. consulate in a timely manner to expedite the visa issuance process for the employee and minimize any unnecessary waiting time for the employee in Canada.

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